A RoseWood cutting board with slices of beef brisket on top and Craft BBQ & Sauces RBQ logo in the top left corner.

An older gentleman wearing a black hat, black RBQ shirt, and black gloves holding half of a beef brisket that he just cut up.

I produce authentic Craft-style barbecue, unique and traditional BBQ sauces, side dishes, and desserts. As a barbecue lover, with a lifetime of food and barbecue experiences, I bring to you my passion and my interpretation of what great barbecue tastes like to me.

Authentic Regional BBQ

My Carolina roots run deep and have influenced my take on great Pork BBQ, but I also draw inspiration from other great BBQ traditions such as Central Texas, Kansas City, and Memphis, which has led me on a culinary journey to create the best possible barbecue experience to celebrate these time-honored BBQ traditions.

RBQ is prepared fresh, smoked with real wood on an offset stick burner smoker, cooked low and slow the old fashioned way.


Come Find Us

Come see us this month for RBQ and sauces at a location near you!

Bottles of barbecue sauces lined up.

Wednesday 11/30/22
Ranch Nite at Lakewoood Ranch

6pm – 9pm or until sold out!

Saturday 12/03/22
Lakeland Farmers Market 

8am – 2pm or until sold out!

Sunday 12/04/22
FishHawk Ranch Sunday Market 

10am – 3pm or until sold out!

Wednesday 12/07/22
Westshore Wed Night Exchange

6pm – 10pm or until sold out!

Wednesday 12/14/22
Ranch Nite at Lakewoood Ranch

6pm – 9pm or until sold out!

Saturday 12/17/22
Pye Road Meadworks 

4pm – 8pm or until sold out!

Wednesday 12/21/22
Ranch Nite at Lakewoood Ranch

6pm – 9pm or until sold out!

What Customers Say About RBQ

Best Brisket in the Bay Area! Roger provided excellent customer service for our party at a reasonable price. Everyone raved about how delicious the beef brisket and shredded pork was! — Wendy Dobreff

My wife ordered RBQ since we haven’t found good brisket here in NJ. Came all the way from Roger in FL and by far best Brisket I have ever had. The homemade sauces, Mac and cheese, baked beans came with the package. Nothing better. Get your man some RBQ!!Chris Ciulla

Thanks to Roger and his wife, they were amazing the whole way and went above and beyond for our parent’s anniversary party!!! Amazing food, presentation, and outstanding service! The best part was how accommodating they were, and genuinely wanted to provide the best experience! Can’t thank them enough!!! — Tracie Walter-Ward

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